The Associazione Culturale Giulia Falletti di Barolo presents

30 european terroir wineproducers
December 1st & 2nd, in the Barolo Castle
To taste and purchase

Dear corsairs,

We are pleased to welcome you to the 7th edition of Vini Corsari (“Corsair Wines”): a gathering of 30 European wineproducers in the Castello Comunale Faletti di Barolo. These producers share an artisanal approach to wine, defending the value of terroir through environmentally sustainable viticulture and practices, patiently forged through generations of work in a collective and ethical way.

This is the 7th time the village of Barolo will host a tasting of producers from regions and countries beyond Barolo, invinting the public to discover the wines from new terroirs in the prestigious and symbolic setting of the village Castle. Our goal is to stimulate intercultural dialogue between producers and the public.

Why “Vini Corsari”?

The name “Vini Corsari” refers to the work of Pier Paolo Pasolini: “Scritti-Corsari” (Corsair Writings). This event is a tribute to the writer, who in this work – a collection of thematic articles written 40 years ago – condemned cultural homogenization and the loss of local cultural diversity in Italy, and also denounced consumer society, the slave of trends. Pasolini, also passionate about wine, defended authenticity without artifice, feeling himself close to the rustic simplicity of the rural world.

Separate from labels (such as organic, biodynamic or natural), this wine experience encourages us to discover the wines at their source, where there is a concrete idea of the place, the territory and its history; those producers who appreciate being able to lead us into the their physical and temporal dimensions, beyond their certifications or labels.

The “Corsair” theme draws from the dimension of travel and discovery, with a challenging, goliardic spirit!


Organized by the Associazione Culturale Giulia Falletti di Barolo, with the collaboration of Cantina Giuseppe Rinaldi & Os Goliardos (www.osgoliardos.com, Portugal, Lisbon)

Confirmed Corsair producers

Quinta da Serradinha (Lisboa)
Mateus Nicolau de Almeida (Douro)
Quinta da Palmirinha (Vinho Verde)

Victoria Torres (Canarias)
Iago Garrido (Ribeiro)
Marc Isart (Madrid)
Mas Martinet (Priorat)

Clos les Mets d’Ames (Madiran)
Domaine Bellivière (Loire, Jasnieres)
Domaine Bernard Baudry (Loire, Chinon)
Champagne Benoît Lahaye (Champagne)
Domaine Ostertag (Alsace)
Catherine Riss (Alsace)
Domaine Chardigny (Beaujolais)
Domaine Chamonard (Beaujolais)
Alice & Olivier De Moor (Bourgogne, Chablis)
Domaine Pierre Gonon (Rhône)

Odinstal (Pfalz)

Zillinger (Weinwiertel)

Rocco di Carpeneto (Piemonte)
Gonella Vini (Piemonte)
Gruppo Valtellina (Lombardia):
Terrazzi Alti, Sasso Vivo, Franzina
Matej Skerli (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)
Carolina Gatti (Veneto)
Angol d’Amig (Emilia Romagna)
Gruppo I garagisti di sorgono (Sardegna):
Pietro Uras, Simone Murru, Renzo Manca
Malgiacca (Toscana)
Aldo Viola (Sicilia)
Ferrandes (Sicilia, Pantelleria)

Enoteca Regionale del Barolo – Barolo istituzionale 2015
Donna Elvira – Dolceria Modicana (Sicilia)
Miele San Lorenzo
Possibilia Editore

Answers to Questions:

When? December 1st & 2nd. 11-18h
Where? In the Castello Comunale Faletti di Barolo
How much? € 20 daily entrance. Pay at the entrance.
Advance Purchase? Until November 15th, via e-mail vinicorsari@gmail.com, € 15 daily entrance
Restaurant:  Lunch is available in the one of the rooms of the castle
Can you buy the wines? Yes Each wineproducer will sell directly to the public their available wines, at a “corsair” price.



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